Tuesday, 18 September 2012

[K-movie] Holy Daddy

Salam n hye everyone~!!

A few days ago, I watched this K-movie on Unifi. Unifi has a channel (Screen Red, #180) which shows movies & dramas from Japan, Korea & China. Hehe.. >_<

"Holy Daddy" is about a man who is brought back to life in the form of his old teenage fren only for a little while so that he could realise his last wish: to be his son's besfren. Some of the casts for this 2006 movie are: Lee Min Woo (of Shinhwa), Ha Dong Hoon & Kim Sang Jung.

A scene of Lee Min Woo & Ha Dong Hoon in the movie..
I have to admit, Lee Min Woo was so handsome in that movie!! :3 And Ha Dong Hoon added laughters to the movie wif his funny expressions & acting. I give this movie 4 stars! XP

If you ever want to watch a K-movie that's funny & also nice, then "Holy Daddy" is juz the thing, hihi~... ^_^ Juz click here to download the movie.

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  1. xda unifi n astro tp slalu layn k-d kat ntv7.. best2 gak cite.. semalam bru bi cite my babyfaced beauty

  2. eh, yui dah komen lom ea? td ada keje..huhu..tu lupa sudaaahhh

  3. Ha Dong Hoon or his stage name: HAHA. He's quite famous because of Running Man. Earned himself a nickname called Haroro due to his impersonation of a popular cartoon named Pororo.

    He's really childish. hehehe. N funny. :)

  4. minat korea..ea?? - review holy daddy cam best je...

  5. tapi klau sapa2 cari dvd citer jepun, korea & taiwan.. sy ada jual ^^

  6. Lee Min Woo....#heart attack terus..hahaha

  7. xdpt nak klik nuff,semua iklan churp2.

  8. best ke caritanya..??
    kalau best kena masukkan dalam waiting list lah...
    list harus tonton.. ^_^

  9. hai Nisa ! lama x singgah sini.. hehe
    wahhh korean muvie.. tp cik ana kurang sikit korean..hehe

  10. nisa..shida xngam la dgn korean nih hehee..mmg zero..lah!uhuhu ~

  11. @Kawaii DYSHA: owh ye ke? dh lame sy xlayan k-drama kat ntv7, hehe..

    @yui: dh komen dh, ngehehe.. best la gak crite nie.. XP

    @nana-chan: sou desu ka? haha.. I haven't watched Running Man yet, no wonder I didn't recognise Ha Dong Hoon.. (well, I'm not really good at recognising K-actors nway, huhu~..) yup, he is funny.. ^_^

    @Ina: best la gak.. dh lame sy xlayan K-movie, hehe..

    @Nur Hafizah: xde la minat gile2, tp tgk gak la sket2, hehe.. best la gak.. XP

    @caliph-kun: honto? wah.. crite ape ade? ade kat blogshop caliph-kun ke? nnti nk check it out la~.. >_<

    @Eca: amboi, jgn heart attack eca, hehe.. XD

    @ruha: best la gak.. sy kasi 4 star, hehe..

    @Hanif: mmg dh slamat tonton dh pun, ngehehehe..

    @Cik Ana: sy pun kebetulan aje tgk nie kat tv.. dh lame gak xlayan korean..hehe..

    @shida: owh ye ke? xpe3.. hehe.. XP

    @puteri: it is to me, hehe.. >_<

    @Kak Rose: best la gak coz ade bab2 lawak.. ^_^

  12. Im really out of drama to watch xD
    but Idk where to watch online Kdrama.. It used to be at mysoju but that website is gone now =.="

  13. nisa-chan..
    klau nk mana2 citer, sila pm kt fb sy.. running man pun ada ^^

  14. @Daisuki-kun: yeah, mysoju is gone.. *sobs* but I know other webs where u can watch dramas on9.. I'll post about it later, hehe..

    @caliph-kun: wokeh, hihi~.. thanks inform tau.. ^_^

  15. movie yang 2 jam ehhh. slalu tgk drama. ;)

  16. @9n0L4: yup, lbh kurg 150 min movie nie, hehe..


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