Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Of apologies & yet another BE~...

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Yeah, I know, I haven't been blogging much recently. Gomenasai, minna-san~... Although this week is my mid-sem break, I have loads of stuff to do: 

* catch up wif my studies (it's my final year!!!!)
* do assignments
* finish up the load of craft orders~..

So, I may not be as active at blogging as I used to anymore.. T_T But, I promise that I will visit you back when I'm free, OK? I still haven't even approved your comments yet~.. "-_-

BTW, surprisingly, I got another BE from Nuffnang, which is my 20th BE, hehe.. Thanks a lot Nuffnang~!! ^_^ Now I have 3 running BEs~...

To the bloggers who always ask when will they get a BE, let's juz say, have a lot of patience. I first started to get my 1st BE last year, and I've been blogging since August 2010. All the BEs that I got are all at my old blog (which only a few of you know, hehehehe..) This blog hasn't got a BE yet, although UVs & traffics are higher at this blog compared to my old one.

So, like I said, have a lot of patience, keep blogging & don't forget to do a lotttttttttttt of  blogwalking to increase traffic to your blog. >_<

Till then, thanks for reading & happy blogging & hepi holidays as well~!! (Hepi Deepavali & Awal Muharram~)


Mieya Atiera said...

Tahniah. Murah rezeki blog nie.

◕ D Y S H A S A H H I R ◕ said...


nuyui a.k.a miss YUI said...

takpe dear.. dahulukan mana yg perlu ya..

tahniah.. selalu dapat be..jele2..

miz ruha said...


selamat menyambut awal muharram... ^_^

beckhrooy said...

tahniah BE tu :)

shidaR said...

bestt ade BE :)

chemay said...

chemay pun sama.
even tak berapdet pun.
nuff tetap kasi be.

ILHANIS said...

Wah...lawanye blog! Done following you..if sudi, singgah la kat blog saya. http://ilhanis.blogspot.com/

QasehnyaRania said...

kita punya none ado ;(

tgh cari idea nk hantaq surat cinta ..huhu..
nak cpuv plok

profmie said...

konnichiwa nisa-chan..

sy pun ngh cuti sem jg..
situasi kamu sama spti sy jg.huhuu

Mr. Doctor said...

Hoho jelesnya.. Xprnah lg dpat..well padanla update pun jarang2..nuffnang pun baru buat 2 bulan lapas sebenarnya..ekekeke..ok follow sini..

zahidahwahid said...

saya pun lama jugak dah tak bw... sangat sibuk...cuti pun tak rasa macam cuti.....

-meeSUPERGIRL- said...

wah masyukkk :)

shidaR said...

singgah nisa ^_^

wan niahix said...

well... BE is all about traffic.. hehe...

nway, congrate my friend...

"keep smiling"

-Wan Niahix-

Nisa Greennnpanda said...

@Mieya: thanks ye dear.. tp BE nie sumer kat blog lame, bkn blog nie, hehe..

@Dysha senpai: arigato ne..

@yui: tue la.. hehe.. dpt BE pun, tp earning ciput je.. nk tggu cashout nie, huhu~..

@ruha: hepi awal muharram gak~..

@beckhrooy: thanks ye..

@shida: mmg best coz dpt naikkn earnings, hehe.. >_<

@chemay: kn? syg aa kat nuff coz baik ati, hihi~.. XP

@Ilhanis: thanks dear.. nnti sy jenguk & follow awk blk ye..

@Kak Sue: ala kak, lame2 nnti ade la tue, hehe..

@syahmi-kun: sou desu ne.. hehe.. kang sy jenguk blog awk, tgk dh update ke blum... XP

@Mr Doctor: br join Nuff eh? xpe, nnti lame2 dpt la tue.. thanks ye..

@zahidahwahid: tue la, cuti x rs cam cuti pun, adeh.. "-_-

@Mee: hehe..mmg masyuk woo~..

@Wan: traffic..yup.. but my blog doesn't have a high traffic though, hehe.. thanks my fren.. ^_^

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