Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Won InnerShine's contest & met Maya Karin @ Sunway Pyramid~!!

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Last week on Friday, I received a call at around 5 pm. It was from InnerShine. Izzi (the representative from InnerShine) said that I'm one of the winners who won the "Shoutout Contest" at InnerShine Club Facebook page. 

When I logged into Facebook, I also noticed that Uyun a.k.a Cute Mum & Mimi a.k.a PinkUmmi won as well. Izzi told me to go to Sunway Pyramid at 2.30 pm on Saturday (19th November 2011) to meet Maya Karin & receive my prize!

I quickly confirmed that I was going there. So the next day, Ijah (my sis), Aslam (my bro), Hannah & I went to Sunway Pyramid. But while I was attending the event, my siblings & Hannah went to hang out at Toy R Us

Before Maya Karin arrived, the host did a Q&A session. Those who answered correctly will get a hand sanitizer courtesy of Watson Malaysia. I won one by answering to a question of what was one of brands that set up a booth at the event that day. Of course I answered InnerShine, hihi~..

Then Maya Karin came~!!! She's soooo gorgeous & super slim~!!! She & the host had a small interview session. Next, the winners of the "Shoutout Contest" were called one by one onto to the stage. We had to shout out our winning message. Then Maya Karin gave the bag full of prizes to us. 

We all had our pictures taken together on the stage together wif Maya Karin. After that, there were singing & autograph sessions. The event ended sharply at 4.30pm. (Yup, I was there till the end, hehe..)

It's so nice to meet a celebrity in real life you know. Esp Maya Karin, who's ever-so-lovely & really friendly! When it was my turn to ask for her autograph, we had a little chit-chat.

Me: "Saya tak bawak kamera la..
Maya Karin: "Ala..takpe.. Lain kali kita jumpe lagi ye." *smiles*
Me: *smiles back* "Thank you...."

Well..I didn't want to admit in front of her that my HP's camera is broken, so I juz said that I didn't bring a camera instead, huhu~.. It' a bit sad that I didn't get to snap any pics wif her.. T_T

Nway, here are some pics that I took from Wansteddy's blog. I didn't notice that she was there at the event too, (maybe coz I didn't know her, hehe..) If not, we would have met & chatted as well. ^_^

Wansteddy is the one in blue, & that's her cute lil daughter..

I'm the far right...can u see me? ^_^
Owh yeah, so these are the prizes that I got from the event, hehe..

Nway, I met 2 other bloggers as well that day. Wanna know who? Stay tuned for my next entry~!!!

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!


nuyui a.k.a miss YUI said...

tahniah nisa!!

IntaNBerliaN said...


seronok saya baca entry ni...

tahniah nisa.. :-)

kalau awk dpt amik gambo mesti lg best kan.. dpt amik pulak gambo ber2 dgn maya.. mesti cun.. hihii

xpala.. lainkali ada rezeki blh amik kan.. :-)

Nisa Greennnpanda said...

@Yui: thanks dear..

@Ina: mmg sgt best la dpt jmpe & gi event tue..hihi~.. mmg Maya Karin tue cun gile, n slim sgt2 tau!! Jealous sy, huhu~..

Wansteddy Tales said...

ekeke... kalaulah kita kenal lebih awal kan, boleh borak2 atas stage tu ahhaa... apa pun blm terlambat lagi. salam perkenalan Nisa. Kalau ada event lagi, harap2 kita berpeluang jumpa lagi ^^

Nisa Greennnpanda said...

@Wasnteddy: tue la..hehe.. Salam knal jugak eh.. yup, insyaAllah.. ^_^

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