Friday, 2 December 2011

Juz the two of us~...

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Being a young mother + a Uni student at the same time requires a lot of patience & strong will. There are times when I feel stressed or juz like giving up. Huhu~.. T_T

But then, there's always Hannah to cheer me up. She always greets me when I come home from class. She likes to hug & kiss me. She likes to play wif me.

So even though the day might seem dull at times, Hannah will cheer me up & make me happy by the end of the day. ^_^

Here are some pics of Hannah & I a few days ago. She wanted to perform solah wif me, hehe.. I made her wear an anak telekung & pinned it. >_<

P/S - it's kinda fun being a mother at the age of 23~... >_<

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!


mama tisya said...


nuyui a.k.a miss YUI said...


bgus hannah ni..

moga jd anak solehah yer..

SeputihSalju said...

comelnya hannah...

kn nisa memang mencabar jadi ibu dalam masa yg sama kita belajar.. tapi nisa dah nak hbs kn??

IntaNBerliaN said...

hannah comel!!...

betoi tu... bila tgk ank... hilag stress kan... lbh2 lg dorg peluk n kiss kita.. :-)

Woofer Storm said...

comel budak tu..

#rasa nak cubit2 je..moood geram pula tetiba..hahaaa

Nisa Greennnpanda said...

@Amy: hehe..

@Yui: amin..moge2 Hannah jd anak solehah..

@Karimah: ha' dh final year dh nie..insya-Allah next yr abis la..hehe..

@Ina: so true!! anak nie mmg dpt ceriakn kite bile2 pun..hehe.. (kalo die xnakal la..hehe..)

@Woofer: haha.. ^_^

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