Thursday 20 December 2012

What happened to being an active blogger?

Salam n hye everyone~!!

I guess I should apologise to all of you who have visited my blog only to find that there are no new posts & at times you can't even open my blog.

Well, actually I have hid my blog for awhile. I've been thinking of stop writing posts, or in other words, stop blogging. Why? Coz I'm really busy nowadays, huhu~.. (Plus, I dunno what to write..) "-_- much for calling myself an active blogger months ago.. Haha.. XD

I dunno if I ever will write again. Mayb I will.. Mayb not.. But juz so you know, I'm available on Facebook (ngehehe..) & my blogshop is welcome for you to visit, hihi~.. ^_^

Till then, thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!
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