Wednesday 21 March 2012

[WW #7] See you @ Putrajaya (23rd March 2012)~!!

P/s - for more details, visit my blogshop. Hope to see you guys there, hihi~... ^_^

Tuesday 20 March 2012

GENG fiQ'Ra Gathering @ Mid Valley~!!

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Arigato gozaimashita for all of you who have wished for Hannah & I to get well soon. Yup, we're getting better now, hihi~.. So, here I am then, up & about & I'm gonna rock the blogosphere, yeah!!! 

Orait, I've been wanting to tell you about the blogger gathering that I went on 10th March 2012. It was actually GENG fiQ'Ra's 2nd gathering. I couldn't attend the 1st gath which was in Ipoh, huhu~.. T_T Other GF members have already blogged about it, do read their posts: Kim, Wan, Faz, Nad, Syamira & Fana.

Ok.. So I've been texting Wan the night before the gath, to make arrangements if we could go together, since we'll be riding the same bus to KL. But, we couldn't, coz his sis Atul wanted to go later in the afternoon. 

I was the 1st person to arrive at Mid Valley. I was browsing in a gift shop when Kim & Fana came. Then the rest of the GF members came, and we ate lunch at McDonald's (lower ground). 

After Zuhur prayers, we played bowling in 2 teams. Frankly, this was my 1st time ever to set foot in a bowling arena & roll the bowling ball, haha!! So, as a newbie, I only scored 23 points, tsk tsk.. ">_< Hanni & Kamil were the pro bowlers, hehe..

Then after the game, we exchanged gifts. I received a gift from Nad, while my not-so-precious gift was given to Fana. Sorekara ...and then, we snapped pics~!!!!! 

At the last minute, Wan came along wif his sis Atul. Unexpectedly, he gave all of us a gift, so kind of him! Then we bade farewell & parted our ways. I went back wif Wan & Atul & her fren since we're going back to Shah Alam, but after that we took different buses. End of the awesome gath. Tiring, but fun & enjoyable, hihi~.. ^_^

Kore are some pics of the gath. I stole them from the other members, hehe... >_< (I look awful in most pics, huhu~..)

Admins of GF (Afiq & Mas) 
Dig in~!!! >_< 
Hanni, Ain, me & Fana
Bowling time~.... ^_^
Err...newbie bowler.. "-_-
Hanni, the pro bowler.. ^_^
Einz & Nizam
Prezzies~!!!!!! XP
Nicko, Izzah & Kamil
Standing: Wan, Nicko, me, Kim, Syamira, Nad, Mas, Afiq
Squatting: Fana, Ain

Those who came:

* Mas - admin of GF
* Afiq - admin of GF
* Kim - a very frenly & talkative blogger, hehe..
* Fana - studying at PASUM, a new member of GF
* Nad - my blogger fren, hihi~... ^_^ she brought her "babies" along too
* Kamil - one of the old members of GF
* Ain - cute, plus she was very shy that day, hihi~..
* Hanni - our pro bowler, hehe.. >_<
* Syamira - another new GF member
* Nicko - Kim's fren
* Einz - cute girl, but she could only stay for awhile
* Nizam - Einz's fren. At first, I mistaken him for Kamil, haha.. XD
* Izzah - sweet lil girl, Kamil's lil sis
* Faz - sweet girl, but could only be wif us for a short while

Can't wait for the 3rd gath, ngehehehehe... >_<

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!

P/s - Tanjoubi omedetou, Achie~!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

Saturday 17 March 2012

Sick, uhuk3... "-_-

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Aih.. It seems like I'm updating my blog once a week now. So much for being an active blogger once upon a time, huhu~... 

Nway, Hannah & I have both been sick these few days. I have a sore throat & bad headache, while Hannah has the fever, flu & cough. The sickness season has arrived. "-_-

Haha..I still haven't updated on the gathering that I went last week. Owh well, that can wait then. Most probably I'll be able to update once awhile after this, after I've finished making felt orders for a customer of mine, hihi~... >_<

Till then, I juz hope I can get better. Being sick makes me feel like lying all day on the bed, huhu.. T_T And I hope the whole lot of you are healthy, hehe...


Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!

Sunday 11 March 2012

Segmen: Doodlify Me by Nanabyte

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Whoa, 5 days since my last post, that's a whole new record!!! XD Nway, let's start updating my blog wif joining Nana-chan's segment. Congrats to Nana-chan who has achieved 300++ followers, omedetou~!! ^_^

1) Jadi Follower Nanabyte
2) Like Fanpage Nanabyte
3) Buat Enrty bertajukkan Segmen: Doodlify Me by Nanabyte
4) Kopipes banner diatas kat entry tu dan linkkan ke entry segmen nana.
5) Letak gambar (paras dada) korang yang simple tetapi comel/hensem/cantek
6) Tagkan SEORANG follower korang. Pastikan dia tahu oke. (Tag ramai2 digalakkan)
7)Bile da siap, sile letak link segmen anda di tempat persidangan di bawah (komen la), beserta ID Blog dan ID Facebook anda.
8) Tammat

I know Nana-chan has already doodlify me before this, wif Hannah, hehe.. >_< But, bcoz I wanna support watashi no tomodachi, I'm gonna give this pic to be doodlified as well.. Gomen ne, I don't have any other solo pics of myself, coz I don't like snapping my own pics, hihi~.. XP

Do join Nana-chan's segment. It ends on 24th March 2012. Juz click the banner above if you wanna join, coz you may win a kawaii doodle of yourself from her!! :3

BTW, I'll visit all of you who have come here whenever I'm online, OK? And........yesterday I went to a blogger gathering at Mid Valley. Will update about it later, when I have the pics, hihi~.. ^_^

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!

Saturday 3 March 2012

Blog Marathon & Nana-chan doodlified me & Hannah~!!

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Since I've been nearly 4 days off from the blogosphere, I have loads of blogs to visit. So today, I have been joining my own blog marathon, blogwalking, blogrunning, blogjogging & other blogging stuff, hehe.. XP

I have this habit of reading every or nearly most of the entries that I have missed. And I also have this weird habit of commenting on each entry, haha...!! So, gomen ne if you find it annoying, seeing me commenting at your entries, but that's juz my style!

Blogger (you): Nani??! Nisa-chan commented on all of my posts again.. huhu... "-_-
Dakara~... That's why I take more than 10 minutes on every blog that I visit. Coz I need to catch up reading all your posts, hehe.. I I don't do so, I'm afraid that some of you will chase & haunt me for not visiting back, hoho!! ">_<

BTW, I got a super surprise from Nana-chan. Yesterday on Facebook, she asked permission to use my pic wif Hannah to doodlify it. So, here's her masterpiece~!!!

Kawaii ne~!!!! Arigato gozaimasu, Nana-chan!!  I'm soooo touched, huhu~.. :') *hepi tears* This is the 1st time that I have ever been doodlified before. :3

Nana-chan makes real cute doodles. All of you should follow her coz her blog is super nice & interesting, plus her owh-so-kawaii doodles that I simply admire~.. ^_^ 

P/s - still a lot more blogs to blogswim to, hihi~...

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!

Friday 2 March 2012

Tadaima, I'm back~!!!! XD

Salam n hye everyone~!!

It's been 4 days since my last update. Whoa, that's a new record!! >_< Hehe... I didn't update bcoz I was lazy, but simply coz I was busy. So here I am then, tadaima~!! XD

Arashi, hihi~.. >_<

This sem I'm only going for 4 classes. But being a final year student, my days suddenly gets busy. Plus, I have a crafting business to look after too, hehe.. XP

I'm already in the 3rd week of the sem. So there's another 11 more weeks to go, yeah!!! Haha.. >_< 

BTW, there's an event at Putrajaya on 23rd March 2012. Booths are rented for RM51 each. I might be going, sharing a table wif someone else. Anyone interested in joining me? Do comment below, hihi~..

And another thing, I have uploaded some bunnies & teddies at my blogshop. Do have a look there, hehe.. You can also browse through the albums at my Facebook page. ^_^

P/s - I'm gonna do some blogwalking, yeah~!!!

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!

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