Monday 30 April 2012

Hannah's 3rd B'day Celebration~

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Last Saturday (28th April 2012) my family celebrated Hannah's b'day. Yes, it's a belated celebration since her b'day was on the 23rd. But we wanted to wait until most of my siblings were at home, hehe..

Ummi, my mom, baked a 2-layered Red Velvet cake esp for the b'day girl. I helped decorate by putting the lily flowers on top, while my sis Ijah wrote "I'm only 3 - Hanna" on the cake. (the other "h" of Hannah's name couldn't fit, huhu~)

The b'day girl wif her cake...
Apart from a homemade cake, we celebrated wif KFC's family feast set. KFC's mashed potatoes are Hannah's fave!! So she got the whole tub of them, hehe.. >_<

"This tub of mashed potatoes is mine, OK?"

Simple yet enjoyable. When it comes to b'days, my family is not really keen on giving gifts. We like celebrating b'days wif food & cake. Usually we eat outside or Ummi would cook some really nice dishes for the special occassions.

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!

Sunday 29 April 2012

Plz take note, GA participants~!!

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Phew~.. Talk about being busy. But at last, I have finished going through all of the entries of my GA participants. So, here I have 2 good news esp for you. ^_^

Firstly, the winners of my GA will be announced this coming Tuesday (1st May 2012). Make sure you're online on that day to see whether you're that lucky winner!

Secondly, even though I have asked for the participants to make a simple entry about the GA, but a few of you have gone through much effort to write up & produce very nice entries. Thus, I will also pick one winner who has the best entry, along wif the other winners (who are gonna be picked randomly)

Dakara~.. Pray that you win. And do check if your name is listed in the participant's list. I have updated the list (finally, haha..) ">_<

P/s - I really miss my active blogging days, huhu~.. T_T

Till then, thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!

Monday 23 April 2012

Hepi 3rd B'day, Hannah Husna~!! ^_^

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Today is a very special day indeed. Tanjoubi omedetou to Hannah, my musume~!!! ^_^

She is now officially 3 years old now. How time flies by so fast. I still feel like I juz had her yesterday...

Hannah is truly an inspiration in my life. Although I'm not always at home as I have to go to classes during the weekdays, but I try to give her the best that I can.

I'm proud of her as well. To me, she has become a smart, funny & wonderful daughter. I luv her very, very much. <3

To my cute lovely daughter,

I hope that you will become an obedient,
loving, caring,
warm-hearted girl,
and that you will always be my little girl,
my Hannah-chan.

P/s - Arigato for those who have joined my GA. I will update the list in this week, and hopefully, I'll announce the winners by next week.

Till then, thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!

Sunday 22 April 2012

Hannah Husna's 3rd B'day GA

* click here for the results*

Salam n hye everyone~!!

My kawaii no musume (cute daughter, hehe..) is turning 3 years old on 23rd April 2012! So, to rejoice her 3rd b'day, I'm gonna organise a giveaway for you to join & try a hand at winning the gifts that I have to offer, hihi~.. >_<

Terms & Conditions:

1. Write an entry titled "Hannah Husna's 3rd B'day GA".
2. Insert the banner above in your entry & make sure you backlink it to this entry. And put the deadline as well, onegaishimasu..
3. Give a simple b'day wish for Hannah, ngehehehe.. XD (mandatory)
4. Leave your entry link in the comment section below & you're all done!
5. Deadline: 6th April - 22nd April 2012 (before 11.59 pm) ENDED
6. Winners will be selected randomly & announced a week later.

Well, I do hope you can join. Hihi~... ^_^

Thanks for joining & happy blogging~!!

Friday 13 April 2012

Prizes for you to win~!! XD

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Honto ni arigato for those who have joined my GA. Gomenasai for keeping you waiting for the pics of the GA prizes.

Well, wait no longer, coz here are the not-so-awesome-but-worthy prizes for you to win! ^_^

a pencil case from Vietnam

a fridge magnet from Taiwan

a fridge magnet from Hong Kong

3 Hong Kong Disneyland keychains

5 felt keychains from Greennnpanda Craft

All those overseas souvenirs are courtesy of my mom Ummi who likes to buy stuff whenever she goes out of the country. Hehe.. Well, I juz hope the winners will like the prizes.. >_< Haven't joined my GA yet? Click --> here <--

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!

Monday 9 April 2012

Felt crafts for my cousins~!!

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Recently I went to my cousin's wedding in KL. I've posted some pics of Hannah at the wedding last week. Sori that I don't have any other pics, since I was busy eating during the event, hehe!! XD

Nway, as a gift for my cousin Zafirah's wedding, I made her a love pillow. (like the one I made for my fren last February, hehe..) This time I made it wif cute buttons attached.

I also made Bunny HP Straps for my other cousins. Each one of them had their names at the back of the bunny's head. It's not every day that you give something to your cousin, right? I'm hepi that they liked the gifts, hihi~.. ^_^

OK, there's something else I wanna tell you. Thanks to Nad for having the time to promote me in her entries, like this one & this other one. And domo arigato to Iza Zaty for listing me as one of the blogs that she likes. I'm touched, huhu~.. :')

My header which Zaty edited.. XP

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!

Sunday 8 April 2012

List of participants for Hannah Husna's 3rd B'day GA

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Here are the list of names of those who have joined my GA. See if your name is listed below. >_<

1. nanakimie
2. Yumida
3. Nor Nadiah
4. *zafirah elfishy*
5. FatmaFazira
6. memey janie (couldn't comment)
7. NurAfeeqah (couldn't comment)
8. Ain Zuhairi
9. hidayahKim --'
10. Qurratu Ainn (didn't wish & couldn't comment)

11. cik kiera
12. Mia Cadbury
13. Miss Sheila
14. Miss Shieyra
15. qila aliesya
16. Nur Shamira Aida
17. Sofea Riena
18. Hanis Syazana
19. AkmaDanira (couldn't comment)

21. Naruha Atsuko
22. girang [dot] taemin
23. Miss aJ
24. Hanamiko Sakura
25. Hamizah :D
26. ^o^...Cek pipah L!fe Story
27. nur_za
28. Nurul Aisyah
29. Fazi Isma
30. Farra Izzaty

31. AMNA
32. INA_Noorlina
33. ct
34. KyLeLina
35. ezzamalik
36. are_lin@yu
37. ♥♥cikHannah♥♥
38. fieda
39. waniey20~
40. Lefthanded Gurlz (didn't wish & no backlink)

41. Ummi Iman
42. Cik Purple Pinkypuff
43. ♥♥azatiesayang♥♥
44. nuyui a.k.a miss YUI
45. Miss Bunbun Cat
46. Cik Rose Cute
47. nurmujahidah (didn't wish)
48. AmirahSyafiqah ♥
49. Eika Nur
50. Darling Ninie

51. Nur Wahyuni
52. NEL
53. Dieyna
54. Luv Story
55. Nabila Medan
57. imie fatiema © 
58. ieyda
59. nuha zahari
60. midawr

61. wan niahix
62. Cik Angah Humaira
63. Princess Shin
64. Fara Tasya
66. si budak nerd
67. !Ayna!
68. Pwincess Sarah
69. Nida
70. syiela

I hope that those who haven't wished for Hannah's b'day will do so later, as it is one of the terms of my GA. There are a few blogs that I couldn't leave a comment, huhu~..

This list will be updated from time to time. Haven't joined my GA yet? Click --> here <--

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!

Thursday 5 April 2012

Fading away~....

Salam n hye everyone~!!

When you haven't been blogging in a long time, (in my case, 2 weeks of no updates, huhu~..), it feels as if you have lost the "umph", the kick, the drive that you always have whenever you're excited to blog juz about anything.

Well, apparently, that's what I felt yesterday when I posted after 2 weeks of hiatus, hehe.. XP Somehow, my so-called "job" as a blogger is fading away, owh no!!! "o_o


Let's juz hope that I'll have the spirit in me to keep on blogging, hehe.. >_< Nway, there's something for you to look forward to tomorrow. I know you love gifts, right? Come here ashita (tomorrow) to know more about it, hihi~... ^_^

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!

Wednesday 4 April 2012

[WW #8] Hannah @ cousin's wedding (31st March 2012)

P/s - gomenasai for not updating for a loooooooong time.. Been sick & busy, huhu~... ">_<

P/p/s - Hannah's going to turn 3 years old this month!! ^_^
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