Monday 6 April 2015

"Kena Main" @ Istana Budaya~!!

Salam n hye everyone~!!

I know I'm don't deserve to be called a blogger because I rarely update. I've been extremely busy with my studies, freelance work and crafting.

Last Friday (3rd April 2015), me and 4 of my classmates went to watch a theatrical play at Istana Budaya. The title is "Kena Main", hehe.. A classmate of mine got free tickets to the play, so he invited anyone who would like to come join. Of course, I immediately agreed, as this was my first time ever watching a play.

There are ethics if you want to watch a play at Istana Budaya. You cannot wear slippers or sandals, torn jeans, round-neck t-shirts and revealing clothes. You can go to Istana Budaya's website to obtain more info.

"Kena Main" is written and directed by Khalid Salleh. The play focuses on the lives of a group of blind street musicians (or buskers, as you may call them): Jusuh, Daud, Mona and Pie. One of them, Mona, is in trouble with the police because she ran away from home. Daud feels guilty as he was the one who invited her to come to Kuala Lumpur. A drug addict recognises Mona from a newspaper article and threatens Mona to send her to the police. As Mona panicks, a committee member of a welfare organisation and the organisation's lawyer help Mona with her police case. Meanwhile, Jusuh and Pie tricks Daud into giving himself in to the police. Daud, full of guilt, goes to the police station nervously, not knowing that he has been tricked by his friends. Lastly, the case is settled, and the four blind musicians are offered to play music at the welfare organisation's charity night.

This play has actually been staged before in 1998 and was entered in the Malaysia Book Record for being the first play to have real blind actors. However, this year, the play is acted by famous actors on a bigger stage, namely Eman Manan, Ebby Saiful, Aida Othman, Sani Sudin, Azizah Mahzan, Sabri Yunus, Fauziah Nawi, Azman Hassan and many others.

I had absolute fun watching the play. The theater was full of laughter. "Kena Main" (which means "tricked/getting tricked") is funny, inspiring and thought-provoking. And watching a live play makes you feel more connected to the characters played out.

Here are some pics, hehe..

My free ticket!!! ^_^

Me & Liyana

Selfie before the play starts, hehehe...

All the actors lining up after the end of the play

The director/screenwriter, Khalid Salleh

Taking a pic with an artist!!! >w<

I took a pic with an artist. I seldom watch Malay dramas/movies, but I seem to recognise his face. I asked my friends who were with me that night, and even they could not recall his name. Do any of you know his name? I would be honoured if you could help me out on this one, hihi~....

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!

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