Thursday, 31 January 2013

I'm back again~..hopefully long enough!

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Phew, this blog is simply deserted, alright. It's dusty & needs some cleaning up, lalala~.. So...I guess most of you would like to ask me:

* where I've been
* what I've been up to
* why the long "disappearance"

Well, 1stly, I haven't been around anywhere much. Usually at home, now that I'm in my sem break. Hehe.. >_< The next sem (my final, yeah!!) is 2 weeks away.....

2ndly, I dunno why I don't feel like opening this blog & updating. Guess I really need to find back my spirit, wherever it flew off to, huhu~.. "-_- I'm usually online on Facebook. Otherwise, I'll be sewing away making craft orders for customers. I still have loads more orders to make, ngehehe.. 

Nway, let's hope I can keep blogging & refrain myself from disappearing again.  ( ≧Д≦)

P/s - there's a book fair at PWTC from 31st Jan till 3rd Feb 2013. My sis suggested that we should go there tomorrow.. Hmm..mayb, hehe..

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!


  1. welcome back!! ^_^
    selalu nampak nisa online facebook...
    sibuk dengan craft ye...

    ada pesta buku... tapi kali ni hanya mampu melihat... tak mampu nak pergi... -_-

  2. Konnichiwa..hehe

    semstinya,sy akn pergi jg ari ahd nti.hehee
    pwtc,i'm coming...huhu

  3. akhirnya nisa dah update blog..lama kan..

  4. @ruha: haha.. ha'ah.. on9 fb utk uruskn craft, main game, ngehehe.. XD well, sy pun xgi, xjd, huhu~..

    @nana: nk ikut gi mane? hehe.. sy xjd gi la dear.. huhu~.. T_T

    @syahmi-kun: konnichiwa.. so, awk gi ke eh ahad ari tue? I didn't go..

    @yui: smpi b'habuk dh blog nie yui, hehe.. >_<

  5. tu la, dah lama nisa x update blog.. biasa nampak kat fb je :-)

  6. @Ina: kat FB tue mcm wajib lak on9, haha.. coz nk kne update page craft..hehe.. XP


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Arigatou gozaimasu ありがとうございます~..

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