Monday, 18 March 2013

I'm back from..... INDIA~!!!

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Hope you haven't been missing me, hehe.. I actually arrived at my house early Thursday morning (14th March 2013) at 3 a.m. And only now I'm online since I didn't have the mood to do anything since I got back, haha.. XD

Yup, so have you guessed it right? I went to India~~~... Hihi~.. A lot of you guessed Japan, Korea & Indonesia. So, the person wif the correct answer is ---> IntaNBerliaN. Congrats dear~!! ^_^

And since I bought a few more souvenirs, I have randomly picked out 2 more winners as an appreciation of guessing where I went. So congrats as well to AinNawwar & ayut (ノ>▽<。)ノ To all 3 winners, plz send your details (name, address & contact no) to my email:

I'll be updating about my Indian trip later. Still haven't transfered the pics from the camera into this laptop yet. "-_- I had a most wonderful time on my trip overseas, but it feels great to be back home. O(≧∇≦)O Arigato to those who have wished us a safe journey.

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!


  1. wah, nisa dah balik yer... mesti best kan... :-)

    xsabar nak baca cite n nak tgk gambar2 nisa kat sana.. :-)

    thanks tau sbb pilih saya :-)

  2. wah, p india rupanya..slh tekalah yui..huhu

  3. wahhh dear ...dah balik..welcome back :)

  4. welcome back... sound interesting je... cepatlah share pasal india... hehehe

  5. tahniah utk mereka bertiga. kak nisa update holiday kt india cpt2 k :) miss u, akak ^^

  6. Wow... its must be a good experience you get there rite? hehehe...

  7. Salam Nisa, akak ada email yg psal nk minta translate tesis ritu..
    Nisa ok ke boleh buat?

  8. Salam Nisa.. akak dah email tesis untuk translate, macam mana Nisa ok ke?

  9. Salam Nisa, macam mana translate tu, ok ke?
    Kalau akak nak hari ni atau esok boleh tak?

  10. @Ina: congrats Ina blum bg details lg, hehe... xupdate lg psl India, busy lak, huhu~.. >_<

    @Zuan: hye, hihi~... :3

    @yui: hehe.. xpe yui salah teka pun...

    @shida: thanks dear...

    @zahidah: haha..nnti2 la sy update psl India.. :P

    @Eza-chan: miss u too dear.. insyaAllah akak update nnti ye...

    @Wan: yup, the best holiday ever~!! ^_^

    @Kak MJ: mmg sgt2 best gi India tue kak.. btw kak, thanks sudi trust dy utk wat translation tue n sori coz lmbat, huhu~...

  11. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...ayut menang upe yer...nisa...tak perasan dear...ayut ni pon bru perasan.ampun terlambat sudah bg details..dterima lg ke ni..huhuhu

  12. @ayut: jgn risau, hadiah awk tue sy still simpan, hihi~.. ^_^


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