Friday, 26 July 2013

Job interview + rejected = another job offer

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Thanks for those who have visited my blog & also wished me luck. Hihi~.. I waited after a I got a job offer to update this blog, haha.. XD So sori for taking so long~...

Anyway, on 17th July 2013, I went to a job interview at i-Yuno Media Group, for the translator/editor position. It was my first ever interview, so I was nervous, absolutely nervous~... >_< And I didn't even talk much about myself, which one of the interviewees pointed out. T_T

Before being called to the interview, I had to take a translation test. Only candidates who passed the test were called for an interview. So, I guess I did pretty well in the test, hehe.. :P

Then, on 20th July 2013, I received an email about the interview result. Well, I didn't get the permanent position. But lucky for me, they very much liked my translation test results, thus they offered me another job, as a freelance translator. Alhamdulillah~... :3

The job scope is to translate subtitles for Korean dramas, American programmes and documentaries, from English to Malay. They will pay me per hour (according to how many hours the drama or programme is). I think it's definitely awesome to have this job, coz it's always been my dream to become a translator. (you've gotta start working from the bottom, right?) Plus, my boss is a Korean guy, hihi~... ^_^

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!


  1. congrats dear! :D
    at least got a job,dont u?!..hehehe~

  2. wah.. omedetou nisa-chan..huhuu

    ok sgt tu.. at least dpt jg job..

  3. okairi! *betul ke? hantam sajalah* welcome back dear and congratulation....

  4. wow beznye
    klo terer bahasa korea memang cun jawatan ni
    ske dengar bahasa korea..
    thanks sudi teka gambar yumida

  5. wah....apa pon tahniah Nisa..mgkn nnt bila dh lama di aakan serap nisa jd permenant...translator is a good job...tahu lbh dr 1 bahasa itu adalah bonus yg sgt2x dicari :))

  6. @eca: hihi~.. yup... alhamdulillah.. thanks dear... :3 moge eca pun dpt keje gak..

    @zahidah: okaeri yg btul, hehe.. >_< thanks~~....

    @cik lynn: hehe.. yup... ^_^

    @Yumida: tue la... sy nie lak xtau korean, huhuhu~~~..

    @ayut: thanks ayut... ^_^ tp sy nie takat tau malay n english je... :P

  7. tahniah. lama tak jenguk sini. tapi jadi translator pro memang mahal tau gaji dia. kalau cam nihongo nye teks pe sme, satu page je dah berapa ratus.

  8. Salam Nisa.TAHNIAH!!!!Terima kasih singgah ke blog k.atie,..

  9. bila nak belanja makan haha

  10. Wow, good to see you get a job. I'm gladly to say congratulation my friend. It was a big opportunity for you at all.

    "keep smiling"

  11. je tau malay and english..tu leh translatekorea :p ap pon all the best k...

  12. masih menunggu details nisa mengenai pemenang komen video u mobile terbaik
    nanti hantar nama penuh, alamat n no. telefon ke fb yumida k
    bila2 nisa free..nisa sent :)

  13. @alan-kun: senpai..hisashiburi~... :3 tue bgus kalo sy nie fluent in nihono, huhu~.... T^T

    @yui: thanks dearie..

    @Kak Mimi: thanks kak..

    @Kak Atie: salam kak...same2. n thanks gak tau~... ^_^

    @syafiqakarim: haha....blnje mkn? sy wat GA la kalo dpt 1st gaji sy, ok x?

    @wan: thanks so much dear fren. how about u? r u working now too? :)

    @ayut: subtitle tue dlm english, sy kne translate ke bm je.. tp kalo tau korea, mmg advantage la, huhu~..

    @yumida: ok, thanks tau.. sy dh send details.. :3

  14. wah,bestnya!tahniah nisa:) bos korean tu,heee


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