Tuesday 28 January 2014

Comic Fiesta 2013~!! ^_^

Salam n hye everyone~!!
Konnichiwa minna-san... ヽ( ★ω★)ノ

Whoa... I've been extremely busy wif work, that I almost forgot to update on the recent Comic Fiesta 2013 which was held on 21st - 22nd Dec 2013 at KL Convention Centre. This is my first time going to an anime+manga+game (AMG) event, but I only could go for Day 1 coz I had a small budget, huhu~...

My parents didn't let me go there by myself, so my youngest bro tagged along. BEWARE! This post is gonna be full of pics, hoho XD There was a long queue of people buying the tickets. I queued for nearly 2 hours before I could buy our tickets. Tickets were also sold online but for early birds only.

A lot of AMG fans dressed up, or in other words, cosplayed as characters from anime, manga or games. It was very eye-catching to see them all in cute (and mostly handmade) customs.

Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach

Tobi from Naruto

Miku from Vocaloid

Kenshin Himura from Samurai X

I spent RM200+ for 2 tickets (RM20 each) and AMG merchandise. There was so much to see & buy, but wif the limited budget, I could only purchase a few stuff. One of my best buys is a cute panda hat. (I'm a panda lover, so I like to collect panda stuff, hehehehe) I bought one for Hannah as well, hihi~..٩(^ᴗ^)۶


I managed to purchase a Samurai X DVD here~.... ^_^

There are several booths that not only sell merchandise, but lets people draw and doodle whatever they like. Coz....most otakus (otaku is the term used to refer to AMG fans) can draw well, hihi~.. Except for me lah, I draw horribly, but I still took the chance to do some doodling, ngehehehe....

Late in the afternoon, I attended an otaku group gathering for Anime Fans Club [Malaysian Only] (click here for the group's Facebook link).

I can't wait to go for next Comic Fiesta this year, hihi~~~.... o(≧▽≦)o

Me wearing the panda hat & a panda fan that I bought there... :P

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!! 


  1. fans manga/komik memang suka sgt la kan pergi sana hehe//btw cute je your panda hat

  2. bestnya. nad x pegi pun tapi aritu nmpk la org pakai costume sume ^^

  3. @ezyra: ha'ah... mmg suke sgt2 pun, teehee~.. thanks ye...

    @Kak Tihara: mmg enjoy pun... ^_^

    @Nadya: xpe, try aa gi thn nie ye, ngehehe....

  4. Its look like joyful... maybe if I go there too, I'll 'rambang mata'... hahahaha...

    "keep smiling'

  5. wah,minat sungguh nisa ye....hihi...comelje gambo lastu tu^^

  6. Wah.. bestnyer, Nurin memang suka pegi event mcm ni tapi, comic fiesta yg ni tak pegi sbb balik kampung T^T
    untungnya >_<

  7. akak !! kenapa tak cakap.. hehehe,, tahun ni nak pergi la... ^_~

  8. beznye..sure happening..ramai yg datang

  9. salam singgah ke sini...
    Lama tak kesini

  10. @wan: haha... jom la go this year~... :P

    @nana: ngehehe... mmg mnat sgt la ngan bnde2 camnie nana.. ^_^

    @yui: mmg best... hihi~..

    @Nurin Asyada: laaa...ye ke? xpe la.. try aa gi yg thn nie nye lak..

    @Hani-chan: hehe.. :P sori la, mase tue kelam kabut nk gi, xtau nk ajak sape, last2 pakse adk ikut, hehehehe... jom aa kite gi same2 thn nie.. ^_^

    @blog-tips-kurus: ha'ah... kat m'sia...

    @Sis Yumida: mmg rmi pun kak... sesak tau.. hoho XD

    @Abg Hanif: salam bang... sy pun lame xsinggah blog abg... hehe.. mekaseh sudi jenguk sni

  11. Wah.. bestnya, selalu tgk dlm iklan FB ja. Sy xdpt pegi koz tggl jauh .sobsob T,T

  12. @fina: awk dok kat mane? ala xpe... next time mane tau leh gi... hihi~...


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