Monday 26 December 2016

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2016~!!

Assalam and hye everyone~!!

Well, it seems that I have not updated my blog for over a year, hihi.. Lots of stuff happening in my life, so I've left the blogging world for a (long) while.

So, on 17th December 2016, I went to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2016 at MIECC @ The Mines. Hannah tagged along, it was her first time ever going to a book sale event. For those of you who do not know, Big Bad Wolf (or BBW, in short) is a book sale event held every year, usually in December. Books are on sale up until 95%!

This is an event that I look forward to every year. Besides being held in at the end of the year, BBW also has mini book sale events occasionally, especially the popular "box sale" - where you have to buy a box there and try to put in as many books as you can in the box.

Hannah in front of the BBW sign

At BBW 2016, Hannah and I met with a "real" Red Riding Hood. Here's a pic as proof :P

Me, Red Riding Hood, and Hannah

Besides that, we also found a huge Red Riding Hood book. So, of course, we had to take a selfie of it.

After maybe 3 hours, Hannah and I made our purchase of books, summing up to nearly RM150. I was on a tight budget, so not many books could be bought, huhuhu~... T^T Our book haul is as the following picture:

Our book haul :D

The best haul ever was getting the Barbie bookends along with 4 Barbie storybooks for only RM25.

Did any of you go to BBW 2016

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!


  1. I am also an avid reader. A visit to a bookstore ends up with a book purchased by me. I follow you back here.

  2. @Abam Kie: Is that so? Hooray for book lovers~!! Yes, it's hard to go out of a bookstore without a book, hihi.. Thanks

    @yui: Kadang2 BBW ada buat sale kecik2 kat tempat lain. Kena rajin follow diorg kat FB and IG, hehe...

  3. Jelasnya.. Sha X dapat gi BBW.. beli online je.. huhuhu..

  4. Dulu kan Siqah suka tau pergi BBW. Paksa rela lah husbanf tunggu isteri dia memilih buku. Tapi, haha, sekarang tak pergi dah sebab banyak sangat buku yang ada. Dan siqah pilih untuk pergi Book sale by Popular or MPH :)

  5. @Kak Sha: tp sy xdapat pegi BBW 2017, huhuhu...

    @Siqah: owhh...yeah.. book sale MPH and Popular pun best juga ^_^

    @Raydah: Hye! Mekaseh awak :)

  6. Nisa.. Akak tak pernah berjaya pergi BBW.. Teringin juga nak pergi.. Nak rasa suasana shopping buku di malam hari.. kikiki.m

    1. Owh ye ke? Akak try la pegi BBW. Kali nie kat area MIECC, The Mines. Saya pegi esok, hihi..


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