Tuesday 21 February 2012

Contest Blog Paling Ceria + Cute

Salam n hye everyone~!!

I've been tagged by Kak Mia to join this contest. It's organised by Hana. The contest ends 1st March 2012. If you think your blog is cute & cheerful, do click the banner above. ^_^

OK, OK.. I know my blog does not fall into the "cute" or even "cheerful" category. But then again, mayb one of you might think so, right? Hihi~... I love joining contests & when people tag me, I'll try to join as soon as I can. (errmm.. this is out of the topic, hoho..) XD

Bloggers who have cute & cheerful blogs:

P/s - actually, all of you have cute & cheerful blogs as well.. ^_^

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!


  1. wah best2 join nie...

    blog awak memang cute...warna pon menarik...

  2. good luck, rajin nye bersgment dan join contest an,

  3. hhehe..rajinnye...gud luck yer..

  4. nisa-chan. belog nana xtermasuk pun dlm kategori spt di atas. waaaa. ok, inshaAllah, nana wat nant eh.

  5. comel je blog nie :) gud luck dear! blog emy mmg taklah.comot mcm emy! :)

  6. tq nisa tag syieda.. nanti balik rumah syieda joint tau? ihihihi.. =.=

    goodluck dear -.-

  7. blog ni cute la kak nisa..tenang je bile msuk..gudluck kak nisa^___^

  8. hey, your blog is quite cheerful!

  9. gudluck nisa:)

    hee...walau blog kte xcantik n comel ttp nk join kn...seronok je join ga n contest:)

  10. goodluck sis..:)
    ur header lah yang paling cute..
    gambar pelakon jepun teehee

  11. salam..
    datang dari segmen yg same.. goodluck dear =.=


    hahhaahha.... =.=


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