Tuesday 14 February 2012

Kawaii Android~!!!!!!

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Actually, I wanted to update on the stuff that I bought last Sunday, using the book voucher. But unfortunately, I couldn't find the pics I snapped. Huhu~... T_T

Android... I juz know what it looks like. A green robot that is the logo of a high-tech device, i.e Android. OK, that's all I know, so laugh all you want if I have a lack of general info & issues. XP

Nway, as I was window shopping at Mid Valley yesterday, I was attracted to something that was so kawaii coz it was green. It was an Android handphone strap. I bought two, hehe.. >_<

Kawaii desu ne? Hihi~.. There's 2 androids. The green one for me, the pink one for my sis, since she loves that colour so much. Tskkk..girls & pink.. (eh, I'm a girl too, lalala~...)

Anyone feels like wanting one of these kawaii androids? If yes, I may go buy some more and make a short giveaway, whaddaya think? ^_^

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!


  1. waaah, kawaii na. chotto, y not u just give it to me? can la, can la. tehee~ :P

  2. nisa-chan=peh,g mid vlley x ajk pun..sy bru je ingt nk g mid sbtu nie..hihi..btw,bUku jepun yg sy beli b'tajuk 'Japanese for travellers'..hihi..almaklumlah bli gne voucher buku 1Malaysia..=)

  3. purple ada tak? HAHA. serious comel!

    err, pengakuan - i know nothing about android, TOO! haha

  4. wow..hijau tetap pilihan nisa kan..hehehe

    done klik2..

  5. uish...kalau nak buat GA,memang terbaik la.hehehe

  6. Kalau Android aku pikir hp Samsung je, hihi

  7. I want it too... ^_^... may I?

  8. comel...bagilah satu tuk sy..ehhee

  9. comelnyer..rase mau p beli satu skrg..hehe

  10. hehe comelnya~ tapi sayangnya xguna android..kui3

  11. @yui: cute gile kot~!!!!!!! ^_^ sbb tue sy trus bli, hehe...

    @nana-chan: honto ni kawaii~!! nana-chan nk kaler ape? kalo ade byk duit nnti, sy blikn aa, xpromise ye, ngehehehe.. XD

    @syahmi-kun: hihi~.. dh UM dkat ngan Mid, so mmg sy slalu je lepak kat situ, hehe.. awk nk gi gak ke? nk ikut!! owh... best x buku tue? sy pun ade bli buku nihongo gune voucher buku, hihi~.. ^_^

    @Zuan: kawaii~!!!! ^_^

    @nuha: purple akak xsure la ade, hehe.. same la kite, noob psl gadgte & IT, hoho..

    @Kak Fieda: sy & ijau xdpt nk dipisahkn, hihi~... XP

    @Gen2: agreed, hihi~... extremely cute~!!!!

    @caliph-kun: bkn takat super je, super duper kawaii nie, hehe.. >_<

    @PM: errr...jgn tnye sy, sy xtau, haha.. XD

    @alan-kun: wat GA? kalo sy rjin & byk duit nnti, insyaAllah nk wat GA android yg kawaii nie, hehe.. alan-kun wajib join, lalala~...

    @Ina: sbb cute nie la sy bli, hihi~.. >_<

    @Bechrooy: owh ye ke? hehe.. sy xpikir pape, coz sy mmg xtau ape tue android sbnrnye...LOL..

    @Wan: yes, u may~!!! if I make a GA, do join, ok my fren? hehe...

    @achie: wokeh, no prob~.. tggu sy kmpul duit, pastue br leh bli utk achie, ngehehehe.. ^_^

    @cotton candy: comel kn? bli jom bli~...

    @Ecah-chan: android tue ape ke bnde eh sbnrnye? hp kn? hoho.. XD sy noob...


  13. @Cik Rose: tue la sbb utama sy bli android nie pun, coz green, hehe.. XD

  14. huhu..ampun ye kak coz lama dah tak singgah umah ijau yg menenangkan ini..wuuu... so cumil la bende android tu.. meh sini post satu yg wana ungu kat una eh..hehe

    \\( ^_^ )//


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