Thursday, 10 October 2013

Freelance subtitling translator? What's that?

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Thanks so much to those who wished me on my previous post. Yeah, the minion plushie is the new trend for convocation bouquets this year. I guess this has a lot to do with how great the Despicable Me 2 movie was accepted worldwide, hihi~... ^_^

Remember that I told you I got a job as a freelance translator? (click here) Well, let me tell you actually what the job scopes are.

Since I'm recruited as a freelancer, I basically work from home. No need to rush & go through traffic in the mornings, hehe... My boss has asked me to download certain files & software that are needed for the work.

What I do? I translate English subtitles into Malay, usually for American & British shows. My boss will send a new assignment via email and using the software I have downloaded, I will translate the subtitles & put them into the video of the show I'm doing.

Since this is freelance, it's not a permanent job. I get paid for every episode I translate. Just like a normal translator who gets paid for every page translated.

Therefore, although this jobs suits me well and I very much enjoy the privilege of watching the shows before they are aired on TV, it's tiring and requires a lot of attention, focus, skill & time. For 1 episode, I'm only able to finish it in 2-3 days. (but I take a lot of breaks in between, hehe.. :P)

So...I'm still job-hunting for a permanent job. I'd really wish to get something like this, I mean something that has to do wif translation or language, can't be too picky when it comes to jobs, right? Owh well... Actually my mom prefers me to do a Master's degree & become a lecturer like her, but I insisted on getting work experience first, ngehehe... X3

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!! ^_^


  1. aah,ada jugak jumpa patung minions kat booth konvo ritu,tapi nengok yang ada bear2 semua 100+++...hihi....nana xkeja lagi,so bagi yang mampu je untuk si dia:) wah,menarikla keja nisa ni,untung pandai translate2:)

  2. @nana: hehe... tau xpe.. mmg mahal2 pun.. parents sy yg blikn, so xpe la, muehehe... XD

  3. hehehe..all the best utk cari permanent job ye :)

  4. wah beznye keje nisa
    translate bahasa movie
    sure tgn cepat menaip nih
    cousin yumida ambik master, yumida rs malas dh nk study lg..hikhik

  5. freelance job mmg ok kn..xkna masuk ofis bgai..hehe

  6. wah.. bestnye keje akak.. mesti akak terer english kan.. hehe

  7. You got an awesome job...^_^

  8. @cik mun: thanks a lot dear... :3

    @sis Yumida: best gak keje nie..hehe... pun malas gak nk smbung master wat mase nie.. nk experience keje dlu.. :P

    @ayu: muehehehe XD tue yg sy suke tue.

    @asiah: akak xde la terer gile english, biase2 je... >_<

    @cutella: thanks dear~!!

  9. Hi dear, if you don't mind me asking, may I know how much is your pay? It seems like a good job.

  10. Salam..nak tnya mcm mane nk apply job sbgai translator?

  11. @Careen: Hye, do email me at if you would like to know more. :)

    @muhammad: Wassalam. Boleh email kat sy: x? Awk nak apply sebagai translator ape? Subtitling translator ke?


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