Sunday, 8 December 2013

Busy wif a new job~...

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Really, I dunno why I'm getting more inactive in this blogging world, huhu~... Sometimes I do have free time when I've finished translating subtitles. Hehe... :P

Anyway, now I'm sure I can't blog much since I've started work at my cousin's company. I started to work there since last Wednesday (4th December 2013). It's a company in Shah Alam that gives out auditing services & ISO certificates. 

Since I still haven't got any other job offers, I took up this one instead. My cousin offered me a job as a compliance officer. The good thing is I didn't have to go through an interview since he's the boss, hihi~... ^_^ I saw other people coming in & out of the office to be interviewed for various posts. 

 My table at work, still bare, hehe... :P

Selfies, haha XD

So currently, I have 3 jobs: working for my cousin, as a freelance translator for i-Yuno & also as a crafter for my own craft business, Greennnpanda Craft. Hihi~... :3

My cousin still searching for auditors to be associate auditors for the company. If you know someone who wants an auditor job, do contact me, OK?

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!! 


  1. congrate akak..dah keja dah pown..hope u will enjoy with ur job :D

  2. alhamdulillah...gudluck in whatever u do nisa^^

  3. ptutlah lama nisa tak kerja dah..hihi

  4. salam Nisa..Slmt brkeje ditempat baru..& semoga dpt sesuaikn diri ya
    Terima kasih rajin singgah ke blog k.atie..muahhhh :)

  5. same with me, inactive too
    why haa :)

  6. greatz..gud luck..

  7. Salam daripada Zalora Malaysia,
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    Pihak Zalora Malaysia begitu berminat untuk menjalinkan kerjasama bersama pihak anda. Sila email kepada kami di

  8. @mina: thanks mina.. insyaAllah will enjoy this job... ^_^

    @nana: alhamdulillah gak.. thanks nana... insyaAllah, amin...

    @yui: ngehehe... XD ade la gak alasan nape xblogging ye.. :P

    @Kak Atie: wassalam Kak Atie... insyaAllah kak, thanks.. hihi~..

    @Kak Tihara: Akak busy ngan craft kn? hehehehe...

    @Anon: thanks..

    @Akeyla Azmi: hehehehe...

    @Zalora: Ok noted. Thanks..

  9. waa..bestnya dpt keje xyah interview.. =)

  10. @Amalina: Alhamdulillah.. nsb baik ade sdare yg nk bg sy keje... hehe...

    @fina: Alhamdulillah..


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