Wednesday 23 July 2014

Iftar 2014 with BFFs @ Flaming Steamboat~!!

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Last week during Nuzul Quran (14th July 2014), my BFFs from school & I planned to have an iftar together at Flaming Steamboat at Seksyen 33, Shah Alam.

We haven't met in years due to time constraint, work & other commitments, and luckily, we were all on off day during Nuzul Quran. All six of us are now working in various fields, yet my frens are still single. Only of them will be married soon in August, hihi~..

Breaking fast with a steamboat buffet with frens is really nice. Plus, the food is abundant & tastes good. The price is reasonable as well. After service charges & government tax, I paid RM35+ (per adult) for myself & RM14+ (per 4-10 years old child) for Hannah.

We did a lot of eating & talking, but forgot to snap the pics of the food. We snapped a lot of pics of ourselves. And yes, the monopod came in handy, yet we're still amateurs in using it.. "^_^

Me & Hannah snapping a pic before leaving the house

Cute, right? Hihi...

I gave them each a surprise gift of felt moustache HP straps, which they liked~..

Amateurs snapping a selfie wif a monopod.. :P

For those of you who are keen on trying a steamboat buffet this Ramadhan, do make a reservation at Flaming Steamboat. ^w^ They also have a branch in Sunway & Setapak, KL. Like I said before, the food tastes good wif a very reasonable price. Besides steamboat, there are also fried rice/noodles, various drinks & desserts, ice creams & a variety of drinks. 

Plus, there's a surau/musolla in the restaurant which is quite convenient, the only difficulty is that you have to perform ablution/wudhu' in the toilet.. hehe.. 

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!


  1. dah lama tak makan steamboat dekat situ :)

  2. happeningnya iftar with frens kan

  3. @Ann Ishak: pnah mkn kat sni ye? hihi... best3...

    @Sis Mimi: ha'ah... mmg fun & happening pun.. ^_^


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