Wednesday 5 December 2018

[Review] The World is a Dark and Lovely Place

The World Is A Dark And Lovely PlaceThe World Is A Dark And Lovely Place by Carol Chu Mei Yin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars ☆

-- A collection of 19 beautifully-written poems. The poems have influences of Early Modern and Late Modern English. Most of the poems display the feelings and thoughts about life and other issues, written in the first person point of view.

-- My favourites are "Rainbow's End", "A Friend", and "Trust Not Your Broken Heart". I love reading these three poems especially. Despite being a Linguistics graduate and having learned a minor course in Literature, I am not good in poetry and have not read many (apart from what I've learned in school and university). I'm amazed how people can write poems so beautifully, and this collection of poems is a really nice read. Thank you, Carol. :)

My review on Goodreads


I received this poetry e-book from the author herself, Carol Chu Mei Yin. I've been following her for awhile on Instagram via the bookstagram/bookish community. She had wanted to give her e-book to several readers in exchange of an honest review. With more or less 42 pages, it is quite a quick read and an interesting one too. Like I have said in my Goodreads review above, I haven't read much poetry, and Carol's poems are beautiful. What I love about poetry is that it makes readers become more aware of life and the surroundings, and expand readers' knowledge and vocabulary as well.

One of my fave poems in the poetry e-book

About the author, Carol

If you would like to read the poems, do contact Carol on the following links. Let's support our local poets and writers (・ω<)~☆

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