Monday 10 December 2018

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2018~!!

Assalam and hye everyone~!!

The other day, I joined a contest by Big Bad Wolf Books via Instagram. Surprisingly, I was one of the many winners of the contest. The prize was VIP passes for the most anticipated book sale of the year - Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2018!

Main poster for BBWKL 2018

Winning VIP passes from BBW

The VIP pass is only valid on VIP Day, which is on 6th December 2018. BBWKL 2018 officially starts from 7th December till 17th December 2018. So, with the VIP pass, I was able to go to the book sale earlier than most other people.

The VIP passes ^_^
The last time I went to BBW was in 2016. I wrote a post about it (you may read it here). I did not have the opportunity to go the last year's BBW as I had other matters to attend to and was busy for another event.

So, on the said day, I went to BBWKL 2018 at MIECC, The Mines with Hannah and a friend, Z. We went there a bit late in the day and entered the hall at nearly 9.00 p.m. We only had two hours to hunt for books as VIP Day ended at 11.00 p.m. - before BBWKL starts again the next day at 10.00 a.m. non-stop for 24 hours until 17th December 2018.

It's a must to take a picture in front of the BBW sign

My obvious aims were getting Harry Potter And The Cursed Child and any crime/thriller books. I was very happy to see a section dedicated to books of the wizarding world (refer to the pics below).


Books of the wiarding world

Like always, I would head to the crime/thriller section to pick up my treasure.

I also went to the children's section to find books for Hannah, and my niece and nephew too. Many exercise books were available, so I managed to grab a few for Hannah as she will be in Year 4 next year (how time flies).

Comic books!

There was a cafe for bookhunters to rest and refill their energy - Cafe Wolf.

At the end of the day, we managed to put most of our loot into the trolley bag that we brought along. It is a wise decision to bring a trolley bag or something similar if you're planning to splurge a lot of money on books here. Besides, every plastic bag is charged for 20 sen per bag, so bring your own shopping bag too.

Our cart of books

Hannah with the trolley bag

Here are the books and other stuff that we bought.

I must say that I regret not going to the RM8 section as more valuable books are placed there, according to what my friend said. Maybe I might go again to BBW, if I have a bit more budget, haha.. If you plan to go to BBW, you can still do so until 17th December 2018. Happy hunting!

Thanks for reading and happy blogging~!!


  1. jelesnya.. Tak berjaya lgi pergi BBW ini.. tahun ini pun mungkin tak dapat pergi.. huhuhu.. The cursed child tu pun ada dalam list Sha..

    1. Kalau ada kawan2 atau saudara akak yg pegi BBW, boleh la tumpang kirim buku. Hehe.. Itu la, teruja saya dapat beli The Cursed Child dgn harga yg murah ^_^


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