Thursday, 27 September 2012

Blog Saya Biasa Biasa Je Tapi Cool!

Salam n hye everyone~!!

If in the previous entry, I joined Lynn's segment, now I'm gonna join her contest as well. This contest ends 28th September 2012, at 11.59 pm. So if you feel like joining, juz click the banner above.

My best entry? Hmm... Let me think.. (−_−;)Hoho.. I don't think there is such thing as "the best entry" in my blog, coz actually, I write crap, aih.. _| ̄|○

So mayb, in my opinion, this entry --> here <--is the best so far for me. Nan desu ka? Why?? Well, coz I actually made it into a sticky post so that I could always look at Naga-kun's face (that was before Nabila kindly made me the Naga-kun header, hehe..) 
<( ̄︶ ̄)> Honto ni suki desu~!!

I'm gonna tag:

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!


  1. selamat bersegmen.. dh lama sy xjoin :-)

  2. Nagase is so kakkoii right? ;D
    I like him too cause he is good in acting and in singing ^^

    Also, if u had ever watched the drummer from the TOKIO band in a jdrama (I forgot what is the title called), I also like him too ;D

  3. nice segment for the nice blog :)

  4. dah joinnnn

  5. gudluck dear..moga ada rezeki ;-)

  6. pasni awk bole trus pindah jepun, hukk..

    gud luck, nisa-chan ^^

  7. wah..rajinnya..all da best dear!

  8. wahh mamat tuu comel. nak no fon. hahahhaa :P

  9. selamat bersegmen nisa dan kak mia nnt hehee :)

  10. @Ina: tue la, lame xtgk Ina join segmen, hehe..

    @Daisuki-kun: honto ni kakkoi, hehe.. >_< Tokio's drummer? what's his name eh? mayb I can google him.. arigato for recommending ~!!

    @Kak Fieda: thanks kak..

    @ruha: cool3~...

    @Kak Tihara: hehe..

    @Kak Mia: gud luck Kak Mia.. n congrats gak, hehe..

    @ayu: thanks..

    @Kak Hainom: thanks kak..

    @caliph-kun: pindah jpun?? sugoi!!! tp...xde duit lg, huhu~... T_T

    @jijah: thanks..

    ifa: thanks dear..

    @Fiqa-chan: isy, xleh2.. marah sy nnti, hoho.. XD

    @shida: thanks dear..

    @mee: thanks..

    @yui: thanks yui..

    @Meiya: thanks dear..

    @Kak MJ: thanks kak..

    @Puteri: thanks dear..

    @Arina: thanks..

    @zahidah: thanks..

    @Kak M: thanks kak..

    @wanieys: thanks..


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