Tuesday, 11 September 2012

My 15th BE~...

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Most blogs that I visit are talking about Nuffnang cashouts & new BEs. Well, I may be far off to cash out my Nuffnang earnings, but I do have stuff to tell about my new BE, hehe.. XP

Since I haven't been blogging for over 2 months, I didn't expect to get anything from Nuffnang. But lo and behold, Nuffnang has given a new BE......at my old blog.

It's my 15th BE in overall (not my 15th BE this year, huhu~..) Nuffnang always gives BEs to my old blog. I do wonder when this blog will get one? ">_<

Nway, thanks Nuffnang. At least my earnings are increasing, hehe.. XD

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!

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  1. omedetou! xD saya punya tak banyak pun.. hee rezeki :)

  2. tkpe,ada rezeki adalah tu..insyallah pasti ada..thniah shbt...

  3. @yui: thanks.. tp jealous ngan yui coz dh cashout, huhu~..

    @Kak Rose: thanks kak..

    @Hani-chan: nie pun dh b'tahun nye earnings, ngehehe.. XD

    @achie: tue la, syukur la gak ade rezeki dr blogging nie.. thanks achie.. >_<

  4. wahhhhh banyaknya.... congratssss

  5. Salam Nisa.Apa kabar?Maaf la k.atie pon dah lama xsinggah kat sini.
    tahniah dpt BE..k.atie dah lama xdpt...sbb lama xupdate :D

  6. give me some advice to get this so call BE

  7. tahniah nisa...

    insyaAllah nanti dapat utk blog ni pulak :-)

  8. Congratez dear... Moga terus masyukkk :)

    Blog akak dah dekat 2 bulan takde BE baru :)

  9. congrats! hehe.. sy setahun lebih 1 BE pun tak pernah dpt.. xpe la, bukan rezeki.. hehe

  10. bestnyeeeeee. nak jugakkk. bile la nak dpt ni. ;)

  11. @Kak Mia: xde la mane byk pun kak, huhu~..

    @Kak Atie: Salam kak.. sy sht je, alhamdulillah.. sy pun ari tue lame xupdate, smpi 2 bln.. tue yg lame xjenguk blog akak tue, hehe...

    @Kak Hainom: syukur la ngan rezeki dr Nuffnang nie, hehe..

    @duniafana: I'll answer ur question at ur blog, OK? ^_^

    @Ina: thanks.. tue la, arap2 blog nie dpt la BE..hehehe..

    @Kak MJ: thanks kak.. xlame lg ade la tue BE kat blog akak lak.. ^_^

    @caliph-kun: hehe...arigato ne~.. XP

    @aisya: thanks.. xpe, lame2 nnti ade la Be kat blog awk.. keep on blogging & blogwalking tau.. XD

    @9n0L4: nie pun dh lame blogging br sy dpt BE tau.. awk pun msti akn dpt lmbat laun nnti.. >_<

  12. wweee...shida pun ada satu hehee :)

  13. same as me..nuffnang always give BE to my old blog but the new one still dont get any ..but btw , cngrats :)

  14. tahniah.... remy tak pernah dapat BE pun.... blog tak femes......he3

  15. insyaallah..kena sabar..nanti dia kasi kat sini plk..

  16. @shida: kite same2 dpt kn? hehe..

    @POP: so true...huhu~.. when will our new blog get a BE eh? thanks..

    @Sally: xde la byk mane pun, huhu~...

    @Remy: ala, blog sy pun xfamous la Remy.. hehe.. XP

    @Kak Fieda: tue yg sy dok menanti tue, hehe.. XD


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