Friday, 7 September 2012

Committing Sins in a Sacred Place.. "-_-

Salam n hye everyone~!!

2 days ago (Wednesday), my parents sent my bro Ayep to LCCT. He's going back to Bangalore, India, for his 2nd year in medicine. Yeah, he's the 2nd doctor-to-be in my famly. >_<

While he was perfoming the zuhur prayers at the terminal, his backpack was missing. It was by his side before he started the prayers. But after he gave the salaam, his backpack was gone, or in other words, stolen. There goes his laptop, Sony PSP & other stuff. Fortunately, Ayep's passport, boarding pass & other documents were in a smaller bag.

A thief in a ironic is that? I guess some people are never frightened of committing sins, even in sacred places such as a mosque or musolla. It's such a disgraceful thing to do. "-_-

I hope all of you will be cautious & careful of your things when out of the house. Like Ummi used to tell me, always put your bag in front of you when you're going to perform the prayers in public mosque. Coz like what happened to my bro, thieves are EVERYWHERE..owh dear.. o_o

Till then, thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!

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  1. betoi tu.. skrg ni dh xkira tmpt mana kn... tu yg kita kne ati2 :-)

  2. salam

    i guess his Iman isn't strong enough to withstand the seduction (i dunno if this is a proper word) of nafs and satan.

    things happen for a reason. i guess ur brother will be extra-careful next time. :)

  3. pencuri ada di mana2.. sentiasa hati2 walaupun sebentar...

    salam Greenn.. lama x singgah sini.. (",)

  4. wah..abg nisa-chan blajo kt sne..hebt2x..

    btul tu.,skngni kena berhati-hati slalu..

    sorry coz sy lme xupdate blog..lgpun sy bru lps abez mggu haluan siswa..hiii..
    isnin,stt kuliah..hihi

  5. ish ish.. i'm always be careful :)

  6. walking here..singgah ler blog sy gak kat tgk bunga2 cantik mekar dlm cara berbeza ssuai utk deko umah anda..

  7. hewhewhew.. pencuri ni tak kira orang.. yg kita sgka baik tuh pun blum tntu baik.. aiyakk..

    | miss u akak panda <3

  8. @Ina: tue la psl.. kne sntiase b'ati2 nie... thanks dear..

    @Nana-chan: yeah...even though it was in a musolla.. aih.. "-_-

    @Gen2Merah: yup, btul tue.. hehe.. salam.. tue la, sy pun dh lame singgah blog cikgu, hehehe.. >_<

    @puteri: yup3...

    @syahmi-kun: bkn abg sy, tp adik sbnrnye, hehehe.. XD wah.. ptt la lame xupdate..

    @Hani-chan: good for u dear..

    @nur: hye.. thanks for dropping by.. ok, will do so.. ^_^

    @AmyBolat: tau xpe, huhu.. miss u too dear... <3


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