Sunday, 25 December 2011

2 wins for me~!!

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Here's a little update on my wins. (I've actually got no idea what to blog about, huhu~..)

I'm one of the Top Commenter winners in Myra Jay's Contest Gadget Impian. Congrats to the other winners as well.

Click pic for the results
I'll probably be getting some of these apam polkadot.. Looks very yummy, don't they? Hihi~..

And I'm the 4th prize winner in 2nd Giveaway Comel dari Ummi Iman. Thanks to Ina for informing me. ^_^

Click pic for the results

That's all then. Hehe.. I dunno what I'm gonna do today. Mayb sleep, haha... (*winks to someone)

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!


  1. Congratez dear & thanks for this entry.

    Your gift will deliver next week insyaAllah

  2. wah bestnyer menang!!! nisa, saya tag awak kat blog. kalu free, joinlah GA tu ek :)

  3. wah! tahniah kak :)

  4. @MJ: hehe..thanks MJ..ok, xsabo nk dpt, hihi~..

    @farz: thanks dear..

    @azlini: wokeh..thanks ye tag..

    @era: hihi~..thanks era..

    @Nadrah: leh je..dtg aa umah bile apam dh smpi, hehe..

  5. singgah sini.. terima kasih, apa pun hadiah masih belum dihantar kerana menunggu details 2 lg pemenang. Tunggu ya.. tahniah

  6. @Ummi Iman: ok..thanks ye coz inform, hehe..

  7. tahniah nisa.. sedap je nampak apam tu.. sy mmg dah lama teringin nak mkn tp xpnh nmpk org jual..

  8. @Ina: tue la..nmpk sdap & lawa kn? xsabo nk dpt, hehe..


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