Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Here's what I got for my mom~..

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Thanks for those who gave suggestions & ideas in this other entry on what I should buy for Ummi's coming b'day. I appreciate them all, hehe..

Last Monday, I went shopping alone. Coz my fren Syud couldn't accompany me as she had to attend a family day, and my other fren wasn't free too, huhu~.. Nevermind, I'm used to going around alone. >_<

After much browsing & window shopping, I bought a Chloé wallet. Nope, it's not an ori, I'm not that rich! Huhu~..

Why I bought a wallet for my mom? Coz I couldn't stand being at that mall so long, it was extremely crowded that I felt like fainting! And, well, I suppose that Ummi does need a new one, hihi~.. Let's juz hope that she'll like it! >_<

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!


  1. tak perlu mahal,janji ikhlas dari hati..

    #insyallah ibu pasti hargai..

  2. @Achie: xtau la ummi sy akn suke ke x..huhu~.. hope she does.. hehe..thanks~..

  3. mesti mak nisa amat2 menghargainya...

  4. @Kak Fieda: hope so, kak..hehe..akak xtido lg?? ^_^

  5. alaa jgn risau dear.. mesti mak nisa akn happy sgt2 n hargainya... mak ni tak kisah pun pasal2 hadiah tu, janji nisa ingat tu pun dah amt bermakna buat mak nisa..

    p/s : nisa dah makin rajin update blog kan.. baguslah gitu.. leh hari2 sy terjah sini.. hihii

  6. @Ina: hehe..thanks for the lovely words, dear.. yup, tp kalo leh nk bg bnde yg lg special, coz rs t'hutang budi sgt ngan ummi sy..xpe la, ttgu sy keje nnti, hehe.. yup, sy dh rjin update la now, coz now tgh cuti study week, ngehehe..

    @Joel: hehe..thanks..hope she does~..


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