Thursday, 29 December 2011

Update on the prizes/freebies that I've received~!!

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Actually I have received these stuff a while ago, but couldn't immediately update them in my blog since my handphone doesn't have a camera. LOL~...

So here are the stuff that I got from the postman.

* The Angry Bird paper wallet is from Beautyarea2u. Blogged about the win here.

* The teddy bear keychain & the lovely green shawl are from nanakimie. Wrote about that win here. Hannah has eaten all the chocolate, so I wasn't able to snap a pic of it.

* The moisturizing lotion is from Hada Labo. A freebie, hehe..

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!


  1. wahhhh that's a lot ;) I'm not as rajin as you to update about my wins. :/ hurmm

  2. @Eija: hehe..thanks..

    @Joel: hehe..I update about my wins so that I can keep track je..for personal reference, hehe..

    @Ina: cute kn? Hannah suke ngan bear tue, hihi..

  3. hehe...nana xase pun coklat tu,nengok comeyje coklat2 tu terus rembat hamper tu dua:)

    aah,kebetulan nisa yg dapat pashmina ijau tu kan:)

  4. lama dah tak godek2 freebie dari web...hehehe....
    congrate dear...bertuah betul u...jelez tau...hehe

  5. @nana: hehe..tue la..Hannah dh abiskn dh coklat tue.. ha'ah..suke la shawl xpki lg, hihi~..

    @zahidah: hehe..nie pun dh lame request.. dh lame gak xrequest sample on9, hehe..

    @Kak Bui: thanks kak..mmg sronok, dpt shawl lawa...

  6. seronoks ah dapat banyak yang syok blogging kan..:)

  7. wah!! tahniah :)

  8. @Prettywrite: mmg syok aa kalo mnang...kne rjin join GA la, ngehehe..

    @era: thanks dear...


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