Monday, 26 December 2011

Pencarian Blogger Aktif Oleh

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Pencarian Blogger Aktif
Pencarian Blogger Aktif oleh
25/12/2011 hingga 31/12/2011

I'm gonna join this segment by Mialiana. The segment ends 31 December 2011. Click the banner above if you wanna join. 

I suppose I'm an active blogger. I update my blog almost every day (when I'm not busy), and sometimes twice a day, hehe.. 

Yeah, I have a shoutbox at the sidebar of my blog, coz I like bloggers dropping a simple "Hye" to me, and I like doing the same too. ^_^

I love blogwalking. I've specially created a blog juz to put the links of blogs, so that I could BW wif ease.

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!


  1. wah.. byknya nisa join sgment... best kan, dpt ramai kawan kan.. :-)

    sy ni br balik dr kg hubby... serius masih penat.. pagi tadi smpai kol 2 pagi kat sg petani..

    ni pun curi2 masa jap jenguk kwn2 walaupun mata masih lg mngantuk .. hihi

  2. @Ina: saje, nk rmikn kwn, hehe.. blk eh? hehe.. sian Ina...take care la dlu..

  3. Terima kasih kerana sertai segmen Mia ini dan menjadi peserta ke-35 yang join... :)

  4. @Kak Mia: ok, noted kak..thanks ye..hehe..


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