Saturday, 31 December 2011

Segmen - 5 blog paling diminati 2011.. By Nizam Ijam

Salam n hye everyone~!!

I'm gonna join this segment by Nizam Ijam. It's a really interesting segment that I stumbled upon while blogwalking yesterday. So if you wanna join, do click the banner above coz Nizam said to me that the segment ends tonite. >_<

Mayb you haven't noticed, but I have created another blog juz for putting blog lists (coz I didn't want this blog of mine to look messy wif those lists, hehe...) 

And in that blog, there's a "Most Visited~!!" blog list in which I put my fave blogs in there. And those lucky blogs are~:


Woofer Storm Crew

♥cOraT cOret NusHA ♥

What I Want To Share
I luv reading these 5 blogs. ^_^ Owh, don't be sad, I luv reading all the blogs that are listed in my other blog. >_< But since this segment forces me to list my 5 fave blogs, I have to follow the limitations. Sincerely, I luv all the blogs I read. ♥ ♥ ♥

I'm gonna tag:

the blog owners of my 5 fave blogs, hihi~..

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!


  1. suka masuk blog nuyui jugak..:)

  2. @Nad: kn nad kn? hehe.. blog nad pun best gak dear.. ^_^

  3. Ada 2 blog di atas MJ suka terjah jugak :)

  4. @Nizam Ijam: welcome, hehe..nsb baik smpat join..

    @MJ: owh ye ke? hehe.. kite same taste la, ngehehe..

  5. eh.. blog sayalah... thanks nisa... terharu sy.. hihii..

    nisa mmg kwn alam maya sy yg best lah... :-)

    tp sy xdpt join sbb dh tutup.. huhuu... sy br sampai sp pg td.. sy balik kg, umah my parent

  6. @Ina: hehe..mmg sy suke bc blog Ina pun.. ^_^ owh.. blk kg rupenye..hehe..take care tau dear..

  7. thank girl..

    #sy sorang laki je?mcm tak sesuai je rasa,coz ramai yang lagi ohsem kat banyak merapu..TITIK!!

  8. @achie: well.. bg sy, awk mmg blogger yg awesome pun.. ^_^ suke sgt blog awk, ngehehehehe...

  9. Oh terima kasih.....
    blog sy biasa2 je....
    tp sbb awk dah minat terima kasih ye.....
    semoga blog sy dpt memberi manafaat pada kita semua.

  10. @azmi: ngehehe.. welcome Azmi.. blog awk mmg b'manfaat pun.. ^_^

  11. alahai dear..tak sgka lak..

    tq nisa.. ^__^

    walau blog agak merapu tp ada yg minat..hikhik..pasan!

  12. @yui: welcome dear.. blog yui mmg sronok sy bc tau, hehe..


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