Saturday 28 January 2012

Honto ni??? 400 followers + a win~!!!

Salam n hye everyone~!!

When I opened my blog this morning, I was surprised to see that my number of followers have reached 400. 400!!! That's quite a big number (well, for a dull blog like mine, hehe..)

I know my blog isn't that interesting, mostly about personal stuff or ridiculous things, plus it's in English, so I know from the very start that not many people would want to hang out here. 

But then again, looking at the number of followers I have, I feel touched. Owh, arigato gozaimasu, minna-san~!! I juz feel like coming out of your computer/laptop & giving you a "Hye~!!"

Guess who's my 400th follower? It's Bechrooy. He even sent me a message at my shoutbox.

Thanks a bunch to bechrooy for following this overly-green blog. I'll be sure to be your reader after this, as an appreciation, hihi~.. ^_^

Btw, before I forget, thanks a lot to Ika, Nia & Kak Nida for informing me about my win in Cik Asfz's "Saya nak souvenir dari Indonesia GA". Hihi~.. >_<

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!


  1. wahhhhhhhhhhh, awesomenesss :) keep it up ! and congrats on the winning! :D

  2. Waaaa...Saya baru 200..huhu..jeles...hihihi

  3. Tahniah!!.hehehe bahasa inggeris pun Lia stil boleh faham sebab bahasa inggeris yang di guna adalah simple..weheeee

  4. Tahniah kakak syg !
    jgn give up dlm blogging okayy??

    Nak hug kuat2.. i wish u are my sis!!
    :'( bolat nk kakak..

  5. @Joel: yeah, I know 400 is a small number, but to me, it certainly is awesomeness~!!!!! >_< thanks Joel~!!

    @ieyza: hihi~.. thanks dear..

    @Aisyah-chan: ala, xpe, pasnie Aisyah lak dpt followers bratus2, hehe..

    @Cik Lia Lomi: hihi~.. thanks ye coz sudi singgah sni.. ^_^

    @Nabila: thanks Nabila~!! tp jauh lg nk capai followers sebyk Nabila, hehe.. XP

  6. @cikbolat: owh my dear.. thanks~!! *hugs back* of course u can be my sis.. ^_^

  7. wow, that's a lot kak nisa...
    that's how we appreciate our followers..

    nway, congrats too..

  8. @yuni: but compared to other blogs, mine is a tiny number, hehe.. but of course, I appreciate all my followers & readers~!! >_< thanks yuni...

  9. congratulation for your 400th followers.. hope u can always with new and interesting entry! :D

  10. blog since 2009,its almost two years and my followers still didnt reach 1k.hahaha.....pity me :(

  11. wah!!!!! tahniah!
    awak dah follow blog kpop shaberry?
    jangan lupe follow okey...
    like :)

  12. wow, wanna share a bit with your followers, nisa-chan? X3

  13. whoaa, tahniah ye kak nisa. lepas neh bertambah lagi ;)

  14. alhamdulillah..semakin membesar sudah greenpanda88..:)


    keep it blogging..:)

  15. yehhhhh..Tahniah2..ramai dah geng ..hehehe

  16. tahniah nisa...

    done klik2..

  17. tahniah kak nisa!! :) semoga lebih baik dari hari ke hari.

    sincerely, I am a reader. :)

  18. congrats nisa! :) happy blogging :)

  19. congrate dear.. blog baru ni cpt je bertambah followers :-)

    tahniah jugak pasal menang.. :-)

  20. wah~ tahniah dear..hehe tahniah ntuk GA sekali..weee

  21. Tahniah Nisa..nak jeles lah sikit..hehe..nisa rajin join segmen tu ramai orang dah suka nisa skrang..keep it up dear..jangan mmc yana..nak bahagi masa pun tak terabai..huhu

  22. Tahniah Nisa..!! skrg pun dah 410 dah.. cepat-cepat..!! hihihi

    suke blogging mcm ni.. happy...

  23. tahniah!! nisa....dah 400 followers..jangan putus asa ya cayang...

  24. @wanni: hehe.. thanks for ur support.. ^_^

    @ecadwinkyasha: whoa~...u've been blogging since 2009 eh? it's ok.. what matters more are loyal readers.. juz keep on blogging, ok dear?

    @Shaberry: yup3.. sy dh follow, hihi~.. >_<

    @nana-chan: hihi~..sure.. come take some of them.. XD

    @Bechrooy: thanks eh coz sudi follow blog nie.. >_<

    @Nabila: hehe.. thanks dear.. ^_^

    @Nad: thanks dearie.. hihi~... tp xsetanding blog nad aa.. XP

    @shida: yeah..thanks shida.. hehe..

    @caliph shuriken: sy pun suke blogging dlm mood hepi, hehe.. XD

    @Kak Fieda: thanks kak..

    @Eza-chan: hehe..thanks a bunch dear.. I'm ur reader too.. ^_^

    @emy zulaiha: hehe..thanks..

    @achie: errmmm.. bile lak sy jd artis? hehe.. achie nie, suke sgt sakat sy..isy3..

    @Bobo: thanks Bobo~!!

    @Ina: thanks dear..hihi~.. tue la.. suke btul sy ade blog br nie, hehe.. ^_^

    @nanakimie: thanks dear..

    @Ecah-chan: hihi~.. domo arigato~..

    @yna: xde rs blog sy nie xptt org follow, haha.. XD thanks a lot dear.. yna oun rjin update gak kdang2.. kn yna busy keje..xpe2..

    @yui: thanks dearie~... >_<

    @syieda: hihi~.cpat3 ape tue? lalala~.. sy pun suke gak blogging hepi2..hehe.. >_<

    @Cik Rose: thanks so much Cik Rose.. yup3.. sy xkn give up.. ^_^

  25. just wanna say...

    "sy nk jugak"




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