Monday 16 January 2012

Sori everyone~.... T_T

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Juz wanna say sori. Gomenasai minna-san~... T_T 

Eh? Nan desu ka? Why? Well, I'm sori coz I'm about to disappoint you. 

Sori coz this is the only entry for today.
Sori coz this entry was autopublished.
Sori coz I haven't replied your comments yet.
Sori coz I haven't visited your blog back since yesterday.
Sori coz I haven't been blogwalking much since yesterday.

Today is my last exam paper. I'll promise to visit you all back & do some blogwalking later tonite. Wish me luck, OK? >_< Onegaishimasu~!!

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!


  1. no hal la dear.. good luck tau ;-)

  2. good luck....and all the best....

  3. moshi-moshi. its okey dear.. Lepas kak nisa habes exam hari ni, merdeka laahh!! :) heee. enjoy blogging, jom kita pakat-pakat aktif kat blog. hewhew.. Miss u sis :)

  4. ^__^ gudluck.. sokey =)
    bolat tak harapkan knjungan balas.. bolat dtg nk mmbca =)
    hargai pnulisan anda walupon hnya sekeping gmbr ^^

  5. Its ok... doesn't matter to me...
    i'm didn't getting angry just bcoz of a piece of junc even larger than that...


    but rite now, i'm wondering why i'll using english when visiting this blog...

    hahak... ^_^

  6. goodluck nisa cayang..;)

    baru sempat visit..intnet down down down..

  7. cool la..utamakan yang penting..

    #tak perlu komen seluruh entry yang sy publish,takat yang mampu je.tau^^

  8. ai aishiteru, tuh je yang reti,,hehe

  9. Dah follow dah.

    Jom join bloglist kiera:

  10. all the best for your exam.. free2, jmput singgah blog, jmput bc entri : BURUNG BIRU SI PEMALU :)

  11. @yui: hehe.. thanks yui...

    @Ina: thanks gak dear..

    @Nad: hihi~..thanks nad..

    @zahidah: kamsahamnida.. ^_^ (btul ke tue eh?)

    @Nizam: ngehehehehe.. smpat gak sy wat entry time2 exam..lalala~..

    @Eza-chan: hihi~.. yeay, jom blogging sakan jom.. btw, dear.. moshi2 bkn utk time ckp kat fon je eh?

    @PM: haha.. nsb baik PM trime.. >_<

    @cikbolat: wah..btul ke nie? bestnye ade org suke dtg sni.. t'haru2..syg cikbolat~!! ^_^

    @kim: thanks kim dearie~!!

    @wan: hehe..I'm also wodering why you keep using English whenever you come here.. but it's not a bad thing, kn kn? haha.. XP

    @ainulaqma: domo arigato~!!

    @yna: owh..internet down rupenye..igtkn yna makin busy, hehe..

    @achie: ala..nk gak komen sumer entry achie..xkire..lalala~.. ^_^

    @Eruzu: hehe..xpe2...

    @Kiera: owh, thanks eh..ok2.. nnti sy join eh.. thanks invite..

    @razik: hehe..thanks ye..

    @Gen2: thanks my fren, ngehehe.. XP

    @Kak Fieda: thanks ye kak..


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