Tuesday 3 January 2012

MYRAVEA: Segmen Warna Pilihan Untuk Blogku

Salam n hye everyone~!!

I'm gonna join this very interesting segment by Myravea. The segment ends 5th January 2012. Click the banner above to join, OK? ^_^

I'm a green enthusiast. I totally adore the colour, every shade of green is adorable~!! The colour juz inspires me & kinda affects my life as well.

So that's why I decided to name this blog "Greennn Inspiration" and hence to decorate my blog wif nice shades of green. ^_^

Btw, Myravea, your blog is listed in the "Interesting Blogs" section of my other blog, hehe~.. >_<

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!


  1. dah tau dah.. mmg hijau punya.. hihii

    btw, dh klik ke tiga2 says utk hannah :-)

  2. @Ina: hihi~.. xleh nk idup tnpa kaler ijau nie kot, ngehehe..

    @yui: wajib kot rs nye.. ^_^

  3. selamat bersegmen. Hijau tu menenangkan..Hii..peacee ^_^

  4. hihihi hijau2...@_@

    selamat bersegment..@_@

  5. @Syieda: hehe.. dh gile sgt ngan ijau~... >_<

  6. @achie: rjin la.. tp study malas, huhu~.. T_T

  7. Thanks join segmen kali ini, anda diserbu! :)

  8. @myravea: hihi~.. thanks sudi drop by ye dear.. segmen awk mnarik... ^_^


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