Tuesday 3 January 2012

Why I write in English?

Salam n hye everyone~!!

I have always liked English, esp writing in English. Before I created a blog, I used to write a diary (in English, yes). It's not that I'm a native speaker of the language, or that I wish to become wholly English (I'm still proud to be a Malaysian~.. ^_^)

It's really bcoz of the fact that I live & grow up wif a lot of influence regarding English. Ok, so I had an advantage of staying in the UK for 4 years when I was a little girl, where I quickly picked up the language easily. I love reading English books/novels, and watching English movies/TV programmes. 

Why? Bcoz the language fascinate me so much~!! ^_^ And that's the main reason that I took up Languages & Linguistics (majoring in English) as my degree course. 

I write what I like in a language that I am most comfortable wif. I can write/speak Malay, but mayb not as brilliant as you do. (You should see my SPM result for the BM paper, huhu~..)

Sori about this booooring entry. Juz wanted to clear some matters out. I don't want you to think me as a snob & self-centered person. Huhu~.. "-_-

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!


  1. xper3..pasni lau nk bljr lbh lnjut,leh bljr dr nisa..

    toi x?? hikhik..

  2. Woah! You lived in UK? :O Wowww. Awesome! Even though most of my family members don't really talk in English, somehow I really really really love english ;) Keep writing in English ! :D

  3. minat BI upenya kak .. era tak berapa minat . tapi , kalo cikgu suruh buat essay dalam BI . era ok je .hehe

  4. bgus bgus ! boleh kim tingkatkan english kim . hehe ~

  5. @yui: leh2, nnti sy bkak klass english ye, ngehehe..

    @Joel: yup, hehe.. English really is nice, right? Thanks for the support, Joel~!!

    @era: xpe era.. msti essay era meletup gak, hehe..

    @kim: leh je, hehe.. ^_^

  6. it is good to do what do u love dear.. Reading ur entry can improve my english as well. Dont worry about others. Hee, support u dear!!

  7. me too. i really like english..but sometimes my english are little bit broken..my grammar seriously damn..
    i love to read english novel..n maybe it's help me a lot in grammar..

  8. tak mampu nak omputeh ni,lainlah kalau blogger femes macam awk..hehee

    #sy duduk uk gak..lalaaa tau kan UK mana??heheee

  9. Bgs la tu....
    leh ajar sy BI....
    Muet sedang menunggu....

  10. @Eza: hihi~.. I don't if my entries are good enuf, but it thrills me that u like reading them. Thanks Eza~!! ^_^

    @cik ayuni: owh really?it's ok using broken English, u'll be able to improve wif ur love of reading books. >_<

    @Nadrah: hehe.. thanks dear.. xde ape nk dikagumkn pun~..

    @achie: aisy..sy mmg xfamous la achie.. hehe.. tau la UK mane.. ^_^

    @Azmi: owh..MUET awk xamik lg ke? leh je sy ajar...haha..

  11. sy xreti omputih.... hhahahah.. ni slh satu subjek yg saya sgt xsuka.. hihii...

    sy paham apa yg sy baca or org lain ckp tp sy xreti nk bls balik dlm omputih... muahahaaa

  12. @Ina: owh... biase la tue Ina, hehe.. sy pun xreti mane speaking, huhu~.. tulis aje leh aa, haha.. ^_^

  13. nad kurang berbahasa inggeris...bila terpaksa baru lah terkebil-kebil bijik mata speaking dgn mat salleh kat hotel garden..:)

    tapi nad mg suka tengok cerita mat salleh berbanding cerita melayu..:)

    p/s :: biasa je nad buat tu sayang..:)

  14. Ok clear sudah..

    Nanti ajar akak ye untuk cakap English, boleh? :)

  15. @Nad: hehe.. tp rsnye ramai kot yg dh pndi English now kn? haha..same la kite..

    @MJ: ok, leh je kak.. nnti sy bkak klass..hehe..

  16. nisa tetap ada peminat yang tersendiri walaupun menulis dalam bahasa omputih..kitaorg pun dapat ilmu gak sedikit sebanyak..hehehe

  17. @shida: hehe..thanks dear.. tp xtau la sape yg sudi bc blog sy nie.. huhu~..


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