Saturday 14 January 2012

Something borrowed~...

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Have you read this book yet? It's been made into a movie as well (but I haven't watched it). My cousin absent-mindedly left this book at my house the other day, so I decided to read it, hehe..

The casts of the movie

My cousins & I are book lovers. We usually read English books. >_< OK, so back to the topic, this book is about Rachel, who's BFF Darcy is going to get married wif Dex (who is Rachel's coursemate back in college days).

But unexpectedly, Rachel somehow falls in love wif Dex (who happened to have liked her since in college). They secretly meet & go out on dates without Darcy knowing. Rachel is torn between love & frenship.

What would you do if you were in a situation like this? But then again, why would you want to steal your BFF's fiancé , right? Weird, but I guess this sort of thing does exist in the real world. "-_-

Me? No way.. I wouldn't want to fall in love wif someone who's already attached. I already have Naga-kun~.. ^_^

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!


  1. tak habis2 dia ngan mamat Tokio tu.ahahah..sye pemalas baca buku :p

  2. interesting book..haha..

    become lover but need to hide their relationship..:) hohoho

  3. eh..buku pon boleyh amik dari movie.hebak..:)

    semenjak akak tak pergi borders garden,mid valley..

    tak beli dah english book..:)

    sama lah kita...suka baca buku english..:)

  4. @aReLaN: haha..jgn la jealous.. boifren sy nie, msti la kne tayang2.. ^_^

    @Cik Rose: hehe.. xde la best sgt tp santai la, kalo sape minat crite2 camnie leh aa bc.. >_<

    @PM: jgn tiru habit dlm crite nie ye...hehe..

    @Qil: bc la, ade je buku nie kat kedai..

    @Nad: bkn la dear.. buku nie dh jd movie, hehe.. yeay, ade geng!! ^_^

  5. p/s :: hik hik.. salah paham puloks..senget lah nad nih..bnyk sgt key in data smpai baca pun tak betui..:)

    sama umur eh??lahir bulan berapa??

  6. @Nad: owh, busy keje eh? xpe2, hehe.. >_< sy lahir bln 9 dear.. hihi~..

  7. buku apa tu ? tak pernah dengar lagi pasal buku tu .. hehe :D

  8. jangan amik hak orang atau kacau kalau dia dah ada yang punya , ehh betul ke ? hehe :P

  9. nurrul kalau novel yg pnjg2 susah mau bace sikit.. senang kata malassssssssssssssssssssssss... -,-

  10. wah macam nak try beli la buku ni..

    i'm not going to steal my bff boyfriend..please.. that is so not right!

  11. Kiz baca diary of the wimpy kids je...hihi

  12. jangankan tunang, suami orang pun ada jugak orang ambik....huhuh

  13. sorry eza lambat singgah untuk entry ni. Ehe, nak tengok movie dia la. Buku dia pun bagus kata kak nisa. hee. Admire la kat akak, teror english. nak belajar boleh?

  14. untunglah baca novel omputeh...

    #kita kan tak reti^^

  15. xtidur lagi ker syg??

    hehe..jom jom..:)

  16. @era: novel cnta nie.. kalo cousin xtgl buku nie, mmg xtau gak buku nie wujud, hehe.. XP

    @yana: btul aa tue yana.. kn ade byk lg yg single, hehe.. ^_^

    @Nurrul: ala, bc la.. kn budaya m'bc tue bgus, hihi~..

    @Cik M: sy tau Cik M msti minat nk bc nie, hehe.. ^_^ kn kite same2 kaki buku..

    @KizZ: Diary of a whimpy kid? crite tue mmg best!!!!!!! >_<

    @Cik: biase la, my boifren tue, hehe...

    @zahidahwahid: tue la.. tp kalo kite2 nie jgn la wat camtue, kn?

    @Dalila: xpe, kalo ade mase, bc la 1-2 buku, hehe...

    @Kim: owh..akak mmg rjin bc buku/novel.. lak malas~.. "-_-

    @Eza: la..xpe la dear..hehe..akak sndri xtgk lg movie die.. XP leh je, meh akak ajar.. ^_^

    @achie: poyo la achie nie.. hihi~.. meh bc ngan sy..

    @Nad: blum lg aa Nad..hihi~.. >_<

  17. sy xbc pun n xpnh pulak sy suka bc cite omputeh.. sy x teror cam nisa..hehe

  18. @Ina: hihi~.. xpe Ina, stiap org ade minat yg lain2 kn? sy mane ade teror la Ina, huhu~... >_<


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