Sunday 15 January 2012

Review BLog Bersama NorNadiah Dot Com

Salam n hye everyone~!!

My blogger fren Nad is organising some sort of a segment, where I have to review her blog. Who knows, maybe this dull blog of mine will be reviewed back, right? Juz click the pink banner above if you wanna join, hihi~.. ^_^

Nad a.k.a Miss Nadya (her famous blogger name) is such a friendly blogger. She loves blogwalking & commenting at other people's blogs. (Yeah, she comes here sometimes too.. *excited + proud*) >_< Besides, we're of the same age!!! 

Nad likes to edit her blog from time to time. Her blog's current appearance is pinkish, simple, blogger friendly & juz nice. ^_^ Her blog is updated every day, so you can never get bored as there's always something to read about there.

I guess a lot of people like reading her blog bcoz her posts are acttractive & sometimes useful. (Unlike my blog which full of rubbish, haha.. XP) Domo arigato Nad for occasionally dropping by here, I really appreciate it. ^_^

Thanks for reading & happy blogging~!!


  1. @kim: hihi~.. kne la join segmen Nad nie.. ^_^

  2. A'aa nad ni mmg peramah.. dulu sy ada gak jenguk blog dia.. :-)

    btw, dah klik2...

    saya dah makin sihat.. alisha dah sihat... ptg ni saya balik sp.. mggu dpn, raya cina, balik chemor pulak..hihii:)

  3. @Ina: hehe..wah, busy Ina ye.. bgus la if Ina & Alisha dh sht... ^_^

  4. hehe..tak de keje cari kerja edit blog sendiri jer..nad pon tak tahu npe asyik tak puas hati jerk...huhu...

    sekarang dah jadi hitam pink...hahaha...:)

    lawk betoi..

    Domo arigato tu apa syg??**spechless**

  5. lupa nk cakap..:)

    senarai nama kat sini..:p

  6. selamat bersegmen nisa.. hihihi

    tag nisa lagi..

  7. @Cik Rose: hihi~.. jom rmi2 join..

    @yui: yui join last minit kn? nsb baik smpat, hehe..

    @Nad: domo arigato tue "thanks" la, hehe.. ok, thanks dear coz ltak dlm list..

    @syieda: thanks tag ye dear, hihi~..

  8. L tgh review ni.. huhu. silent review..

    jom renung2 sebentar..=)

  9. @L: hye L..thanks sudi dtg sni.. ok, dh singgah awk blk.. ^_^


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